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For episode 16 of Love That Album podcast, we see the return of an artist previously discussed on the show, Paul Simon. Back in 1980, the music world was on the cusp of an onslaught of New Wave. Paul Simon wrote and starred in a film called One Trick Pony about a journeyman musician trying to find if he still has a place in the new musical landscape. Famous in the sixties for one anti-war song, he now has to compete with the new popular bands (the B52s make an appearance), swim around the sharks at his record company, work out where he fits with a wife he divorces but still loves, and how to maintain good parenting skills. Most of all he wants to serve his muse – but is being on the road with his band the way to do it? Especially in a climate that’s long forgotten he exists?

The band in the film includes long-time Simon associates Steve Gadd and Richard Tee, as well as King Crimson’s Tony Levin and jazz guitarist Eric Gale. (The music also shows that Simon was no slouch in the guitar playing department).

For years, I’ve loved the OTP album but hated the movie.  In revisiting the film for this podcast, I’ve changed that assessment somewhat. Justin Bozung (host of the wonderful Mondo Film Podcast) and I discuss both the film and the album in some detail. Justin saw this as more biographical about Simon than I did, but he convinced me that the themes raised in this film about family (band and nuclear), doing things the way you must, and walking in on your bandmates while they’re bathing were very well covered (even if the acting is wooden – we’ll have to differ on that one, Justin). We had a fascinating conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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For episode 15 of Love That Album podcast, Michael Pursche (of Sitting in a Bar in Adelaide podcast) discuss the wonderful but seldom talked about album from 1981, the eponymous album for Broderick Smith’s Big Combo. (You might say that we’re doing a Brod-cast) Brod emerged from Carson and The Dingoes to form this fantastic ensemble that reminds me of “Darkness” era E-Street Band and reminds Michael of Van Morrison. Either way, Brod is a gifted songwriter with a talent for painting a picture and telling a story – not always a pleasant one. Aztec Music has re-released this long deleted album, and it sounds a treat. Michael and I discuss the great musicianship and the lyrics to the album, Brod’s history as well as that of the members of the band. With a lineup including Mick O’ Connor on organ and the great Mal Eastick on guitar, you know he has an ensemble capable of great things. If you’ve not heard of him, listen to our chat, and track down the newly mastered CD re-release.

...oh, and the show is acomparitively short one and a half hours.....

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