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Welcome to episode 77 of Love That Album podcast.


July 2015 is the 40th anniversary of the release of the classic second album by Melbourne band Skyhooks. That album, Ego Is Not A Dirty Word came a mere 8 months after the release of their amazing and huge selling debut Living In The Seventies.


To commemorate the occasion, Love That Album will dedicate two episodes this month to this important record. In episode 77, I am joined by the man who authored the Skyhooks biography, Ego Is Not a Dirty Word (and who co-hosted the very first episode of LTA with me), music journalist, Jeff Jenkins. This episode is not so much a discussion of the album itself (that will come in episode 78), but puts into some historical perspective the Australian musical environment in 1975, how Skyhooks approached their second album, the different dynamics in the band personalities, whether they came out on top in the infamous Skyhooks / Sherbert Wars of 1975, and where you could musically go after your first album included a song about masturbating into a Twisties packet. We had a really terrific conversation, and I’m grateful to Jeff for taking the time to come back to the podcast.


You can download the show by searching for Love That Album in the iTunes store or downloading streaming directly from http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com.au


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Jeff’s weekly articles for The Music magazine can be found archived at http://www.livinginthelandofoz.com/howzat-archive.html His latest biography is about Australian music personality Ian “Molly” Meldrum called “The Never, Um, Ever Ending Story: Life, Countdown and Everything in Between”. 


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Welcome to episode 59 of Love That Album. Joining me at LTA Headquarters is show regular, Michael Pursche (of Sitting In A Bar In Adelaide podcast). We discuss a couple of fine Australian pop albums from the eighties.

Firstly, we talk about a surprisingly neglected album of a major artist – Ross ‘The Boss’ Wilson’s “Dark Side of the Man” from 1989. We follow up with The Saints’ 1986 album “All Saints Day” – a long way from their “I’m Stranded” debut. Both albums are from artists who’d been on the music scene for a while and had changed direction. Echoes of LTA episode 58’s discussion on Bruce Springsteen’s album High Hopes hang over both these records. Tune into the show and discover why.

As usual, Eric Reanimator contributes another wonderful Album I Love segment, discussing The Damned’s “Black Album” from 1980. Like The Saints, they were a punk band looking for different directions to travel.

…and we got some real honest to goodness feedback…..YAY!!!!!

You can download the podcast at iTunes by searching for “love that album”. You can stream or download it at “http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com”.


Send me any feedback at rrrkitchen@yahoo.com.au (written or mp3 voicemail) or join the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/lovethatalbum.


Get Michael’s Sitting In a bar In Adelaide podcast from http://www.podfeed.net/podcast/Sitting+in+a+Bar+in+Adelaide/14279


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