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What do Lamb of God, REM, Weddings Parties Anything, Neko Case, Gerry rafferty and Iron Maiden have to do with Richard and Linda Thompson and their 1982 masterpiece “Shoot Out The Lights”? Some of the links are actually very tenuous, but they’re brought up nevertheless in episode 61 of Love That Album, which is devoted to discussing said masterpiece. I am joined by the Knife Licker himself, Mr John Ross co-host of the wonderful Feed My Ears podcast to talk about just happy subjects as infidelity, death, marriage woes, and amusement park rides. Join us!!! We had a lot to talk about including the back story behind the recording of the record.

Eric Reanimator is back on board for his Album I Love segment to talk some more excellent Swedish rock. This time he brings us some Hellacopters action with their EP Strike Like Lightning.

You can download the podcast at iTunes by searching for “love that album”. You can also stream or download it at “http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com”.

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