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Okay, it’s time for another slab of garage rock courtesy of Eric Reanimator on Love That Album: Compilation Edition episode 16.


Now just for something different, Eric is going to start off by talking about Swedish rockers The Hellacopters. Through the nineties it was a common practice for bands to release seven inches that were not related to an album (come to think of it, it was a sixties practice as well – score one for the Boomers). These seven inches would often feature covers the band under concern loved. Sometimes, in a very communal fashion, two bands would share the EP. Eric discusses a pair of albums chock full of Hellacopter songs previously only available on such singles called The Cream of The Crap. Ignore the self deprecation – the music is great, and Eric gives us the story behind the music.


Then before you can say “Holy Garage Music, Eric” he talks about three compilations from a band out of Washington DC called Adam West.- Ready Steady, Longshot Songs For Broke Players, and Hi Balls are Rolling. The number of singles represented here showed they were quite prolific in that department. Interestingly enough, both bands cpvered each others songs at some stage, but there’s a wealth of great material here. I’ll let Eric divulge what record label Adam West recorded on.


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