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Heeeeeeyyyyyy Everybody….welcome to another……poperific episode of Love That Album. I am joined by the bass playing, list counting podcaster himself Mr Ben Eisen, host of the All Tim Top Ten podcast.

For episode 76 of LTA, we are discussing the 1999 album by Fountains of Wayne, “Utopia Parkway”. These guys knew how to jangle a guitar, stick a melody deep into the recesses of your subconscious, and tell a tale about life in the suburbs. In the course of our discussion about this album we also talk about the difference between homage and pastiche, why some rock critics feel the need to trash people who live in suburbia (and why they’re stupid for doing it), teenage rites of passage, great summer music, and The Byrds. A really fun chat, and we hope you dig it.

Eric Reanimator also brings some power pop to the virtual table for his Album I Love segment. He talks about a band from Massachusetts called The Charms…and the name is apt.

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Love That Album episode 68 is here. Any of you who know me know of my love for power pop…and in that regard, we have a gem of an album to discuss.

I’m joined by Melbourne musician, teacher, and fellow power pop nut Rhys Lett to discuss the 1993 album “Spilt Milk” from San Francisco band, Jellyfish. This was a huge step forward from their brilliant debut, “Bellybutton”, but was also unfortunately their final album. Was it due to public or record company apathy, or band friction? In this regard, they share the fate of their stylistic cousins, The Zombies and Big Star (both covered previously on the podcast) who ceased active recording way too early.

They’ve had a lot of comparisons with Queen (for the rawwwwk and drummer Andy Sturmer’s singing) and the Beach Boys’ harmonies. As valid as these comparisons are, there is a lot more going on here. This could be described as a concept album with the songs being parts of a nightmare – not the bogeyman type, but more a domestic nightmare of infidelity, unrequited crushes, depression, death, and evangelism. There’s also a song on Spilt Milk that led Rhys to suggest Ben Eisen needs to pursue its subject matter in an All Time Top Ten podcast. Tune in and find out what it was….

This time around, Eric Reanimator also discusses the Psyclone Ranger’s album from 1993 “Feel Nice”. He describes this as power pop bordering on punk. See what you think.

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If you want to check out Rhys’ work as a musician, go to http://www.dressedtochill.com.au/ to see his Crosby Stills and Nash style Kiss tribute band, Dressed to Chill. If you need music lessons,  check out the website of the music school he runs Eastern Sububrs School of Music at http://www.essm.net.au/



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