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It’s time for a packed episode 74 of Love That Album podcast.

I am joined by Eric Reanimator (who normally hosts the LTA - Compilation Series episodes as well as the regular show’s Album I Love segment) to discuss two bands called X: one from Los Angeles and one from Sydney.

Firstly, we discuss Los Angeles X’s “Under The Big Black Sun” from 1982. It’s a vibrant album – with some tragic lyrical themes - that combines their punk roots with their love of country, rockabilly and poetry. Then we discuss Sydney X’s “At Home With You” from 1985. Produced by the great Lobby Loyde (of Rose Tattoo and Coloured Balls), and featuring ex- Rose Tattoo member Ian Rilen on bass,  this is a tough sounding album, that along with many other alternative Australian bands of the day, probably had a lot of influence on bands to make their presence felt in the nineties.

In relation to this show, I must give thanks to my friend and all-round gent, Pat Monaghan

We have a special guest Album I Love segment presenter. John Ross of Feed My ears fame generously presents for the show a brief discussion on the band The Sneaker Pimps and their album, “Becoming X” (thus keeping in with the theme of the show, you see).John brings back his love of trip-hop to the show, and I thank him for it.

We also present a tune by LTA Facebook member  Jason MacIsaac and his band The Heavy Blinkers. It’s from their wonderful album of 2013 “Health”. If you love beautiful arrangements mixed with tasteful orchestration and dig The Beach Boys “Smile”, you will love The Heavy Blinkers. I certainly do. Listen to the song….go buy the album. You’re welcome.

There’s a new intro format to the show (I acknowledge I’ve stolen the idea) I’d like to give my gratitude to my wonderful wife Joanne for her assistance with the new intro segment.  Hope you dig it.

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Welcome to Episode 67 of Love That Album. There are three episodes of LTA coming this month (instead of the usual two). We here at LTA headquarters hope you dig them all.

This time around I am welcoming back a recent guest to the show, Scott Clickers (co-host with his wife Kat of the wonderful Married With Clickers podcast). We’re discussing an album Scott introduced me to by Hamilton based husband and wife group, Whitehorse. The name of the record from 2012 is “The Fate Of The World Depends Upon This Kiss”. As you read that name, you obviously are conjuring cinematic images in your head, right? Of course you are. A great set of poppy / alt country tunes are contained on this album.  Hear what we have to say about this great little record.

Eric Reanimator returns to talk about the 1985 offering from Blood On The Saddle called Poisoned Love. DIG IT!!!!

You can download the podcast at iTunes by searching for “Love That Album”. You can also stream or download it at http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com.

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