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Alt Rock... the early 90s style came from somewhere. Its incursion on MTV and Rock Radio didn’t come out of nowhere. It was just time for a change, but there were those who bridged the gap and moved the needle more left on the dial (‘Mats reference) and in many ways set the stage for the Pearl Jams, the Nirvanas, REMs and Alice In Chains of the world… and some of those bands were fans of these guys….

All of this is to say that Eric Reanimator is back talking once again about Queensryche, King’s X and Drivin’n’Cryin (don’t worry he will be back to Punk, Country and Country Punk soon enough). Anyway Eric talks about a time a quarter of a century ago when for a moment (mainly late 1990 and into 1991) those three bands made the charts, had a few hits and had videos on MTV. So sit back, strap yourself in, and time travel back to the early nineties.
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