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An announcement about the delay of this month's (January 2017) episode and what will come in Feburay.


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Welcome to the episode 35 of LTA: The Compilation Edition.


It's 2017 and Eric is starting it off with thunder, lightning and the rumble of Hard Rock, Heavy and Thrash Metal.


Starting off with the German comp, King Solomon's Goldmine featuring 70s hard rock, Punk, Kraut Rock and even some Pop Rock. Following that is discussion of the 18 Headbangers From The 80's comp which features everything from top tier metal acts like Black Sabbath (the Dio fronted version) to Judas Priest alongside 80s pop metal acts Ratt and White Lion and assorted oddballs including Eric’s beloved King’s X. 


Jumping to another type of comp Eric next talks about Dave Grohl’s 2004 project Probot. Grohl wanting a good old fashioned (read 80s) style metal record set out to record a group of songs featuring a number of different metal singers including: Lemmy, Wino (The Obsessed), Snake (Voivod) and Lee Dorrian (Cathedral).  


Finally, there’s a covers album by the band October 31. Metal Massacre 31 contains 10 covers of songs that appeared on the Metal Massacre comps during the 1980s. 


You can download the show by searching for Love That Album in the iTunes store or downloading streaming directly from http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com


Send the show feedback at rrrkitchen@yahoo.com.au (written or mp3 voicemail) or join the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/lovethatalbum



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