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Hey folks,


It’s time for me to lay episode 73 of Love That Album podcast on you.


This time around, I’m joined by good mate and work colleague, Dave Blom and the host of the brilliant “Sitting In a Bar In Adelaide” podcast, Michael Pursche.  I am dubbing this show The Mystery Box. Why? Because I’m not saying up front what albums we are discussing.


The format of the show is not dissimilar to Eric Reanimator’s “Album I Love” segment. We have each picked 3 albums (so that’s 9 in total for those of you who are not strong on arithmetic) to discuss briefly per album. The albums are all Australian and range across the genres – singer / songwriter, blues, garage, rockabilly, classic rock. They range from iconic to lesser well known. If you’re a local, some of these will be known to you and some (maybe) not. What they have in common is we think the albums and are worthy of your attention. All will be available one way or another – either by download from the artists’ websites or Bandcamp / iTunes, or if you’re a physical media music fan, you can get them from the artists’ websites or your local bricks and mortar. Please support them.


Even Eric gets in on the action by delivering his Album I Love segment to discuss his thoughts on one hugely iconic Australian album and another from a band popular in their day. It’s fascinating to hear an American’s thoughts on albums part of a lot of Oz music fans’ DNA. Please tune in and find out what he discusses.


This is not simple dumb patriotism. This is an opportunity to spread the word about some great music that may not be known outside of our physical borders or to spread the word inside our borders if you missed these albums – and some are brand spanking new, so it’s great to get the word out. My thanks to Dave and Michael for a great discussion.


You can download the podcast at iTunes by searching for “Love That Album”. You can also stream or download it at http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com.


Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated – either written or mp3 voicemail. You can send it to rrrkitchen@yahoo.com.au



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Okay, it’s time for Episode 13 of Love That Album: The Compilation Series.

Eric has gone for a triple threat this time around, looking at 3 albums covering the Seattle grunge scene. First of all he discusses Deep Six (1986). This album came before the Sub Pop label and the Seattle scene was the Seattle scene. It’s seen by some to be a very important album from the knowledge of what was to come later featuring early Soundgarden and Melvins amongst others.

Secondly, he discusses Another Damned Seattle Compilation (1991) featuring bands from the seattle scene paying tribute to Eric’s beloved The Damned. Bands are as diverse as Mudhoney and The Posies.

Finally, he talks about the soundtrack to a film about the Seattle scene called Hype (1996) including tracks from Nirvana, Mudhoney, Green River and the great Mark Lanegan.

Listen to Eric’s perspective. Dig some tunes and get educated.

You can download the show by searching for Love That Album in the iTunes store or downloading streaming directly from http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com

Send the show feedback at rrrkitchen@yahoo.com.au (written or mp3 voicemail) or join the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/lovethatalbum


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